Import Flickr Albums to Facebook with Flickurbook

I don’t post many photos to Facebook as I have a Flickr Pro account that I use to share with family and friends. Sometimes I do want to post photos on Facebook as well, and it’s always been a seemingly redundant process of uploading each photo to Flickr and then to Facebook.

Flickurbook is a very barebones way to transfer a Flickr album to Facebook. It’s as easy as typing in your Flickr username, authenticating with Facebook, and choosing which album(s) to import.  The import takes a few minutes (it took about 5 minutes to import a 22 photo album). The Flickr titles you have for your photos are transferred too, which saves some hassle.

What about transferring the other way, from Facebook to Flickr? You’re better off uploading the originals straight to Flickr since the resolution on Facebook photos is pretty low, but there are apps out there, including this one for the Mac. There are also quite a few Facebook apps for displaying Flickr photos on your Faceobook profile.